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BBMRI.QM Academy: Frozen Tissue Collection and Biobanking
In order to preserve tissues for biomedical research and biobanking, snap freezing and storage at ultra-low temperatures is the best option to preserve the tissue morphology together with DNA, RNA and proteins. It is often referred to as the golden standard. However, without standardization of the pre-analytical conditions the results can become misleading and irreproducible.

The expression of genes can change rapidly in response. In addition, sample handling can lead to variations or errors. Standardization stabilizes such unstable procedures. Documentation is key, and metadata helps researchers determine whether certain tissues are suitable (fit for purpose) for biomedical research or multicenter studies.

After watching the webinar, participants have obtained knowledge on:

- The importance of sample quality and the influence the quality can have on medical research and innovation of medical care worldwide
- The difference in quality between fresh frozen tissue and FFPE tissue
- How to standardize, control and document the workflow to obtain high quality frozen tissue samples
- The need for standardization during sample collection for translational research
- What is the sample pre-analytical phase
- How variations are introduced during the pre-analytical phase when collecting samples
- How biobanking infrastructure can contribute to increase reproducibility
- How biobanking standardization of protocols and ISO accreditation can contribute to increase reproducibility
- What instruments are available to control sample quality
- How documentation of variations in the pre-analytical phase can be used to control sample quality and fit for purpose use of samples
- The importance of multidisciplinary study teams for reproducible results
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